Cómo poner música en directo en YouTube: vuelve un viejo clásico

Progressively, YouTube Music is earning the right to be considered a more than interesting option within the music streaming market. This is evidenced by the millions of users who use it every day, both in its paid and free modalities, using it as a place to have their collection uploaded to the cloud. Therefore, any improvement in the way of using the app is welcome.

Both mixtapes and radio stations are some of the fastest ways we have to start listening to music, as essentially what we do is trust the platform’s criteria to choose for us what we are going to listen to. Of course, this selection is appropriately filtered based on what YouTube Music knows about us and our preferences, making it easier for us to enjoy only what we feel like listening to.

An Old Classic Returns

The fact is that YouTube Music has now rectified a small error it made last summer when the app lost access to the offline Mixtape feature, which allowed us to listen to a whole collection of selected songs with just one click, after tapping and holding our finger on the app icon from the home screen.

Now comes what seems to be the replacement for that function, named «Play My Station,» which will maintain that accessibility of touching and starting to listen to what YouTube Music has selected for us. There is no need to enter the app or search or select anything, as we can decide what to do right from that direct access. As you can imagine, this shortcut saves us a lot of time browsing through the millions of stored songs.

The downside of this quick function is that we cannot see what selection it has in store for us, much less try to save it if it turns out to be a mix full of great songs that we love. Therefore, it remains an ephemeral content that can change dramatically the next time we use this new tool.

Nevertheless, it is appreciated that these functions are added outside the app, something that users who are in a hurry all the time and don’t have much time to choose what they want to listen to will appreciate. So, with just a few taps on the home screen, YouTube Music has a menu of songs ready for us to consume.

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